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Looting is one step closer to being felony in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – Looting is one step closer to becoming a felony in Oklahoma.

A new bill would elevate the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony with punishments ranging from two to seven years in prison.

Senator Anthony Sykes said he wrote the bill in response to the looting reports after the May 20 tornado in Moore.

The senate approved the bill Tuesday 36-1 and it now heads to the house for consideration.

CAPTURED: Pottawatomie County shooting suspects on run now behind bars

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two men who deputies said are suspects in a Pottawatomie County shooting are now behind bars.

The men have been on the run since Saturday.

The Pott. County sheriff said Shane Pitts was found overnight at a hotel in northeast Oklahoma City.

The other suspect, Justin Moore, was arrested Monday night.

Pitts and Moore are accused of shooting at a car pulling out of a driveway in Tecumseh Saturday night.

Andrea Hollis was killed and two others were hurt.

Both men are in the Pottawatomie County Jail Wednesday.

Former clerk allegedly admits to stealing thousands from taxpayers

SHAWNEE, Okla. – A former Pottawatomie County clerk is charged with embezzlement after officials say she stole thousands of dollars from the county.

Officials discovered the crime when a citizen called the county treasurer’s office asking about his property taxes.

Det. Ken VanDuser, with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department, said, “They looked at the computer and said, ‘Well, you haven’t paid your taxes.’ That opened up the door to investigating why he had a receipt showing he had paid taxes but the computer showed he hadn’t.”

County treasurer, Wendy Magnus, found dozens of discrepancies and asked the sheriff’s department to investigate.

They arrested 31-year-old Jamie Lynn Pickard.

She’d been a clerk at the county treasurer’s office for about a year and a half.

The detective in charge of the case says Pickard admitted to the crime.

Police catch alleged ‘naughty neighbor’ after burglary victim’s stake-out

SHAWNEE, Okla. – A Shawnee man helps police nab a ‘naughty neighbor’ after she allegedly broke into his 98-year-old father’s home.

Lincoln Thomas says his dad moved out of his house and in with him about seven months ago.

However, he regularly checks on the home because it’s still full of his dad’s belongings.

On his last check, he realized he wasn’t the only one who had been inside.

Thomas said, “They just threw stuff all over the place. They tore it up pretty good.”

He says the burglars left him a distinct clue that they would be back.

Thomas said, “They had, like, green duffel bags and they had black nylon bags and it was full of my stuff and I knew I didn’t put them in those bags.”

So, he decided to stake out the house.

He parked several houses down the street at 10 p.m. and settled in to wait.

Woman’s DHS debit card hacked on Christmas Eve

An Oklahoma City woman is sending a warning to families on child support after her DHS debit card was hacked on Christmas Eve.

Single mom Tonya Bartz was just like any other last minute shopper just days before Christmas.

Expecting a child support payment on Christmas Eve, Bartz held off on a few presents until then.

When she checked her DHS Eppicard account, she found her money was gone.

After hours on the phone searching for answers she finally found out her card had been compromised from overseas.

“I was like how did my card get hacked from Great Britain!” says Bartz. “I can’t imagine I’m the only one.”

Bartz says DHS told her she wasn’t. She says they had received multiple calls with the same complaint just that morning.

DHS tells us there is nothing they can do since it was Eppicard that was hacked. Bartz says Eppicard wasn’t much help either.

Pott. Co. alleged ‘bad Santa’ dreaming of green Christmas behind bars for jolly joints, pot in pear tree

WANETTE, Okla. -A suspect was dreaming of a green Christmas but ended up spending a bit of time behind bars after a special task force in Pottawatomie County found $600,000 worth of marijuana stashed in his mobile home.

“When they got the search warrant, they found an indoor grow operation where they had marijuana,” Sheriff Mike Booth, with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, said. “There [were] 61 plants and a substantial amount of packaged marijuana.”Pott Co Pot bust.jpg

Authorities say 48-year-old Floyd Wren showed up during the sting operation and told deputies it was simply a misunderstanding.

Footprints in snow lead to two arrests

Harrah, Okla. – For two suspects in a recent string of burglaries the snow may have been their downfall Friday.

Doorbell dinging, Roxana Myers wakes up. Its 3:00 in the morning, snow is falling and two men are at her door.

“As I was coming to the door, I just had a gut feeling, ‘Don’t open the door.’,” said Myers.

Following her instincts, she called 911 in a hurry.
Myers told the dispatcher, “There are some guys out here ringing my door bell. They’re on a bicycle, and I am not answering this door.”

Deputies say the men at her door were Rocky Roark and Coleton Zanola.
Investigators say they’d already stolen a bike and broken into Myers’s empty trailer across the lot.

“They actually went into the house, ate gummy worms, and then they took granola bars,” said Myers.